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Filtercorp develop, manufacture and supply filters, filter sleeves, filter socks, pulse pleats and cartridges for almost every situation that demands a pure and healthy atmosphere, including specialised CIP filter bags for the food industry.

That also includes ventilation filters, dust extraction systems, liquid filters, BFM fittings and air filtration for food, medical and manufacturing processes – some with requirements not mentioned here.

If the product you want doesn't exist, our designers and engineers can usually develop it for you. We also design, install and maintain dust collectors and bag houses for dust extraction for all kinds of industries, and for the “domestic market” filters for home ventilation systems.

For world class service and standards call us now on 0800 481 9999 and lets clear the air!

"Whoever I’ve dealt with at Filtercorp – they’ve always had the knowledge, what I’ve learned from them is invaluable. If I call up and say ‘I’m stuck,’ they always come out on top. At one stage we needed filters rapidly and they worked overnight… no one has ever been able to match the service."
Facility administrator, major NZ University

“The system works really well, and Filtercorp really go the extra mile if we encounter a problem.”
Process project manager, leading NZ Dairy Plant