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Filtercorp offers full on-site baghouse servicing. Our service team is equipped with all the necessary breathing and cleaning safety equipment, as well as spare parts, to offer a fast and efficient service with minimum down time.

We can provide equipment status reports including details of preventative maintenance requirements to ensure you maximise the life of your dust collectors, baghouses, silo vents, filter bags or pulse pleats.

We have standard service programs or we can build one to suit your needs. Our dust management audit program will ensure you gain maximum life from your assets.


Auditing & Reporting

During the past 3 decades, Filtercorp has completed numerous ventilation and dust management consultancy projects and hundreds of audits.

We have helped some of the largest dairy factories, smelters, concrete industry and food manufactures develop a solution for their filtration needs. We often develop the reports that define the challenges directly in front of our customer so they can go to the market with RFP ensuring all submissions are based on the same starting point, allowing for a simpler and more effective decision making process.

We have our team of filtration specialists out in the market place auditing our customers’ existing air intakes, dust collection and other filtration assets.

We provide a full concise report including agreed KPI's relevant to the customer requirement on a monthly, quarterly or yearly cycle depending on their needs.

If you require estimated costs for potential future capex projects relating to ventilation filtration & dust management, we can bring you a wide range of experience and perspective from our engineering team.