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Filter Bag Designs

Common filter bags
Common filter bags

Filter Bag Designs


For over 35 years, Filtercorp has been designing and manufacturing quality filter bags and sleeves for original equipment manufacturers and end user baghouses.

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It is through this intense product development over time that Filtercorp have come up with a unique Dust Release surface. In conjunction with this, the use of three different deniers within one felt allows us to offer very high filtration efficiencies with superior dust release.

To coincide we offer a full range of filter media ranging from standard polyester, polypropylene and nomex, through to exotic high temperature Teflon and glass fibre filter media, and everything in between.

Filtercorp cover virtually any style of filter bag, pulse jet top and bottom design systems, reverse air and all shaker models.


Filter Bag Cuffs

Filtercorp have developed numerous filter bags cuffs for various applications over the years. If you have equipment from Donaldsons, Windsor, Micropol and many more brands, we have filter bags and cuff designs that suit most dust collectors. 

Below are the most commonly used filter bag cuff designs:

Single Snaptex (CIP)   Suitable for use in the food industry.

Single Snaptex (CIP) 
Suitable for use in the food industry.

Double Snaptex  Allows for easier installation & location of cell plate.

Double Snaptex
Allows for easier installation & location of cell plate.

Double Roll Bead  For 3A approved plants.

Double Roll Bead
For 3A approved plants.

Specialised Filter Bag CIP Seams

Filtercorp has a reputation for innovation based on understanding our customers needs. 

We developed the CIP filter bag seam to ensure that fibres from the seam edge are not able to come loose in a dairy or food industry application. With our expert and experienced sewing team we developed a fold-over seam which is sewn ensuring no open edges are present, meaning no shedding of fibres into the customers product. 

For more information ask our customer service or sales team about the Filtercorp invented CIP filter bag seam.


Filter Bag Wear Strips & Boots

Wear strips are used to combat abrasion from bag to bag, or bag to cage wear during normal turbulence in the baghouse.

They are applied to the boot of most Filtercorp Filter Bags where wear is most likely to occur. The strips are usually 2 to 4 inches in length and made of a material similar to that of the body of the Filter Bag.

Download the Snaptex CIP Filter Bags brochure.