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Hydrosil Water Filtration

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Hydrosil Water Filtration


Hydrosil provides a solution to minimise water pollution for industrial applications such as pipeline pressure testing, de-watering, oil, pulp & paper, marine, pesticide removal, condensate systems, water runoff and more.

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The Ultimate Water Filtration Material


The HS-200 features exceptional water cleansing qualities which are a result of the proprietary modification process of zeolite. Zeolite has a high adsorption capacity with a porous surface, and our process enlarges its surface area to maximize the amount of pollutants that can be separated and locked away. Its ability to adsorb 70% of its weight makes HS-200 the best material available for separating hydrocarbons, ionic heavy metals, organics and other contaminants on contact. 


•    Pipeline pressure testing runoff
•    Dewatering
•    Oil industry
•    Pulp and paper mills
•    Marine applications
•    Protection of RO membranes
•    Tank and storage vessel cleaning
•    Pesticide removal
•    Condensate systems
•    Industrial water runoff
•    Storm water runoff
•    Cooling tower water

Multiple ways in which HS-200 can be used in water filtration

Free standing - HS-200 can be loaded into wastewater holding tanks and used for still bed filtration. 
Pre-Treatment - Bedded upstream to improve the performance of other filtration processes, including reverse osmosis, activated carbons and resins. 
Post-Treatment - Used downstream of an oil-water separator or coalescence filter and used as a cleaning and polishing agent.