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Midgie Screens


Midgie Screens


Midgie screens are commonly installed up-stream of building air intake banks to pre-filter out large insects, midges, leaves etc. enhancing the life of the up-stream filters. 

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Manufactured in one of 2 ways:

1. 22mm or 46mm Header, Stainless Steel pleated channel filters.

2. A deep pocket with either a stainless steel or laplock ABS type header. The huge advance of pocket type filter media is the dust holding capacity which keeps pressure drops down and prolongs the time period between maintenance.

The frames can be held in place by simply sliding them into a 30 mm channel holding frame, or fixing to holding frames with toggle bolts for quick release.

The frames are laminated with 400 micron monomesh filter media, which is an ideal pore size to prevent midges, flies, fairies and other airborne contaminants from reaching the pocket filters behind.

Midgie pocket bags for extended surface area and life between cleans are also available in both ABS and stainless steel headers.