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Filter Media in Rolls

Filtercorp filter media is also available in rolls of various sizes.

Flat Panel Filters

Flat panel pre-filters available in a range of sizes from 10-100mm in depth. Suitable for HEVAC industries and applications such as fan coil (FCU) and air handling units (AHU).

Cardboard Frame Filters

Cardboard frame filter that operates on a strainer-type principal employing a ‘V’ pleat design which provides 3 times the surface area of flat panel filters.

Laplock PW Filter

High quality pre-filters G2-G4 with increase surface area and dust holding capacity for longer life.

PW Filter - Stainless Steel Frame

High quality pre-filters G2-G4 with increased surface area, dust holding capacity for longer life, and stainless steel frame.

Filtalon PW Filter - G4

A high volume Filtalon PW pre-filter with G4 media efficiency.