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Engineering Case Studies

The Big Sucker

Our designers and engineers took up the challenge of creating a transportable vacuum that could clean the shells in the pot line, eliminate workplace environment hazards, and enable recaptured dusts to be recycled. It needed to be big, powerful, and able to literally suck a football through a hose.

Dust Collector at 4 Ton Arc Furnace Foundry

Filtercorp completed a dust extraction system for a 4 ton electric arc furnace for a foundry. The aim was to increase the furnace production output and ensure emissions are kept in the acceptable range according to the resource consent requirements.


Air Intake at Oxygen Producing Facility

Filtercorp designed, supplied and installed air intakes consisting of stainless steel aquavane louvres, a pre-filter and final filter to clean air as it entered an oxygen producing plant.

Dust Collector at a Food Manufacturing Plant

Good food demands good filtration. Filtercorp supplied a new dust collector for a major food manufacturing plant, complete with explosion venting to keep the emissions level down.

Low Emission Dust Collector at Asphalt Plant

Filtercorp designed a new dust collector for a major asphalt producing company in New Zealand with a result of emissions being well below the air discharge requirement margin.

Sowing the Seeds of Innovation

Filtercorp designed and supplied a dust collector as a solution for a major player in the New Zealand plant seed breeding business, to control dust and materials which may be hazardous if inhaled.

Filtercorp Clears the Air Out There

Several hundred Filtercorp Aerovane systems and pocket bags are currently being used to keep the air clean, dust-free and comfortable 24/7.

Dust Collector Solution at Concrete Plant

Filtercorp successfully supplied two dust collector units to a Christchurch ready mix operation for their cement loading applications.