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Industrial Products

HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are designed for use in high-volume airflow facilities such as final stage filters for power plants. They are also used as secondary filters for facilities with ULPA requirements.

Dust Filter Bags

For over 35 years, Filtercorp has been designing and manufacturing quality filter bags and sleeves for original equipment manufacturers and end user baghouses.

Monomesh Liquid Filter Bags

We manufacture a full range of micron rated felt and monomesh strainer bags in micron ratings from 1 to 2000.

Pleated Filter Bags

Pleated filter bags are the first major breakthrough in fabric filtration since the introduction of PTFE membranes.

Filter Bag Cages

Filtercorp cages and split cages are available in a variety of sizes and wire thicknesses, depending on your requirements.

Midgie Pocket Bags

The huge advantage of pocket type midgie filters is the dust holding capacity which keeps pressure drops down and prolongs the time period between maintenance.

Commercial & Industrial Fans

Filtercorp has teamed up with one of the largest commercial & industrial fan companies, Twin City Fans, to bring you a range of fans that will blow you away!

Laplock PW Filter

High quality pre-filters G2-G4 with increase surface area and dust holding capacity for longer life.

PW Filter - Stainless Steel Frame

High quality pre-filters G2-G4 with increased surface area, dust holding capacity for longer life, and stainless steel frame.

Pocket Bag Filters − F7 & F8

Pocket bag filters suitable for all dust loading applications. Constructed from meltblown polypropylene fibre and supported by a stainless steel frame.

Rectangle Flanged Connector

We manufacture in sizes ranging from as small as 100mm up to as large as 8 metres from high temperature dairy drier inlets.


Our highly skilled manufacturing team can create a connector for almost any need. We have plenty of different filter media dependant on your requirements.

Pulp & Paper Sector Covers

Filtercorp have provided pulp & paper sector covers for decades with outstanding performance. We use a unique technique to achieve the optimal fit for the cover to ensure the best filtration results.

Filter Press Cloths

We manufacture filter press cloths for all popular brands of filter presses, talk to us about your requirements.

Filter Press Plates

Our press plates are available in any size or configuration you may need, talk to us about your requirements.

Hydrosil Water Filtration

Hydrosil provides a solution to minimise water pollution for industrial applications such as pipeline pressure testing, de-watering, oil, pulp & paper, marine, pesticide removal, condensate systems, water runoff and more.

Hydrosil Air Pollutant Filtration

Hydrosil provides a solution for many different types of airborne pollutants suitable for industrial applications such as pulp & paper mills, refiniries, waste treatment, odour control, fruit, vegetable & flower storage and more.